@r-Tech understands that qualified human resources are key to success and bussiness development. This has settled the foundation for the acknowledge gained by the company. Since its first days, management capacity, commitment with the project goals, permanent flexibility and a profound technical expertise all around have been distinctive keys of @r-Tech, being acknowledged by all of our customers.
We are constantly recruiting talents and offering them a great variety of opportunities for personal and professional development. To be part of our endeavour, we invite you to leave your information and your resume directly on the @r-Tech human resources database. The information provided shall be confidential and will be treated as such.
@r-Tech promotes the inclusion of young talents in the labour market. To reach such goal, we support the inclusion into our organization of students coursing the final years of their universitary studies, in order to keep live bonds with the academic and research community. We carry out academic exchanges and internships with some of the major universities of the country (University of Buenos Aires, UTN, UNLaM).
For students with innovative ideas and initiatives, we evaluate projects and fund them. We turn their proposals into realities, allowing them to carry them out and insert them into the market.