We are a company mainly dedicated to develop tailored solutions for our customers and computer consulting for the sake of the benefit of customers and employees. Since 2002, @r-Tech provides resources, experience and management in software projects.
We currently have a highly skilled team that provides consulting and development services to important companies in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and United States.
To be leaders in the development of solutions integrators that add value to our customers, developed on open and distributed technologies.
Strengthen, streamline, and improve our customers business management circuits developing software solutions. Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers, generating reliable, robust and durable solutions.
We believe that the commitment to work and the training of our staff are pillars for hold our structure that steadily advancing in the development of solutions.
The goal of @r-Tech is to maintain excellence in the service offering, providing customer safety and confidence in our ability, and providing our expertise in the computer area with responsibility and efficiency.
Every day we update our knowledge order to deal with technological changes in the market in order to provide the correct and comprehensive solution to every problem and tailored to our clients.
Our commitment is to demonstrate clarity, equality and honesty in our business to promote:
Dialogue: We listened carefully to all points of view and are committed to the dialogue to our broad understanding of issues in order to understand the needs and concerns of our customers and employees in an efficient manner.
Respect: We respect the ethical, cultural and religious concerns of people. We act with integrity, courage, respect, honesty and humility. We give priority to the safety of our employees, the communities where we operate and the environment in which we operate.
Transparency: we ensure that the information is available, accessible and understandable.
Share: We share knowledge and technology in order to optimize the capabilities of our employees and customers.
Benefits: We provide high quality products that are beneficial to our customers through innovative technology, effective processes and commitment to care for the security in all our activities.
@r-Tech Consulting complies with the quality standards ISO 9001:2008 in consulting, development and Software Factory. This will ensure that all the processes of the Organization are carried out in a coordinated manner, improving the satisfaction of all and each of the stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, company).