SOLVAY INDUPA: Bank reconciliation
Requirement: The client had the problem of having to assign two weeks full time to a resource responsible for reconciling the different bank accounts in SAP R/3.
Solution: An ABAP module was developed that allows to take accounting movements that are saved in SAP and establish a relationship among debits or credits that occur in different bank accounts, without creating new accounts or movements. The system preserves the conciliation on a permanent basis, in such a way that in the future you can meet as an money income or outcome in a SAP operation that was then reflected through a movement of income or outcome in a bank account. The conciliation system allows you to load bank records, read existing SAP accounting movements, and generate internally a parallel track of relations between both types of movements (without affecting the database of the SAP system). That record is that endures over time reflecting the reality of what has happened in the field of banking operation of the company. The system of conciliation has as advantage the ability to teach the system strategies of reconciliation that will make repetitive tasks can be done automatically without user intervention.
Technologies: ABAP SAP R/3.
SOLVAY INDUPA: Automatic assignment of deliveries to carriers
Requirement: The customer required to automate a process of logistics for the allocation of deliveries to carriers.
Solution: It was developed a system that allows automatic and manual assignments of carriers to pending deliveries taken from the pool (VL10A). They are carried out using customizable mapping and statistics rules that are loaded into the customer tables. At the same time, the system allows send via email a PDF file to each provider (carrier) with the corresponding form of the allocation of modules of cargo that are pending. The system is made with ALV, which allows a comfortable and simple interface of operation.
Technologies: ABAP SAP R/3.
EXIROS: Project Exiros Buyer Desktop
Requirement: The client wanted to unify its procurement platform with a solution that integrates the different technology platforms in the company.
Solution: @r-Tech carried out the complete development of solutions and interfaces between SAP, TIBCO and BPM.
Requirement: The client had the need to develop a Balance Sheet Review SAP Global tool module. It is used by more than two thousand users in the different P&G service centers worldwide (USA, UK, Phillipines, Costa Rica).
Solution: A module was developed in ABAP/Netweaver that interacts with more than 800 companies represented by P&G around the world.
AGEA: Money Collection - Online Receipts issuing
Requirement: The customer requires a mobile collection system that allows collectors of the company transport to the company customers and issue an official SAP receipt note.
Solution: A Blackberry application that interacts with a BES service interfacing the SAP production system, was developed. It issues SAP receipt notes and prints it with a Mobile Zebra printer using Bluetooth.
Technologies: Blackberry, PHP, RFC's and ABAP on SAP R/3.
AGEA: Advertising Agencies Access
Requirement: To have a Web portal allowing the ad agencies access to the display of its credit limits, checking account briefing and other financial data. The visualization of the data should be in real-time by accessing to the productive SAP R/3 instance. In the case of current account briefing, an additional hurdle is that the visualization of the information should be identical on both the web and the printed by the SAP system.
Solution: A system created in J2SE and SAP R/3 platform was developed in order to accomplish this task. The system allows the Advertsing Agencies access to their checking account from the Web. Access is in real-time and is also displayed on SAP R/3.
Technologies: J2SE, BAPI's and ABAP over SAP R/3.
SULFACID - MINERA AGUILAR: Optical Recording of accounting books
Requirement: The client needed to complete different Argentinian tax general resolutions and at the same time backing up to a practical and automatic way the different accounting books issued by SAP R/3.
Solution: A Visual Basic / SAP merger development was created. This application generates the required documentation, converts this documentation into a PDF file and dumps these files to a CD media completely automatically. The processed accounting books are: Libro Diario, Libro IVA Compras, Libro IVA Ventas, Libro de resolución general DGI 1361 (procurement and sales). This product actually meets the recommendations made by DGI for the generation of digital documents. This digital sigature reinforces security on data integrity of each document avoiding alterations subsequent to its generation. The safety in the integrity of the data is guaranteed by the use of the format of files PDF and the digital signature that uses MD5 encryption. This product does not requires third party applications to perform de CD recording. It is a flexible product that enables the parameterization of all its functions, access and security.
Technologies: .Net, ABAP, BAPI's and RFC over SAP R/3.